Add pages to your website

  • First, be sure to log in
  • Click "Add a new page" on the top toolbar
  • You have a total of three pages available on a free account

Add content to your pages

  • Click "Add Element" at the bottom of any content region on any page
  • Select your element and click "add"
  • Hover over the element name to view the action menu for managing your element

Add a website logo

  • Click "My Website -> Settings" on the top toolbar
  • Click the "Advanced" tab
  • Click "Upload Your Logo" under the "Website logo" section
  • Your website logo will appear automatically on most of our free design templates

Add your own domain name

  • Your "publishpath" URL is always available, but you can also use your own custom domain names.
  • Click "My Website -> Settings" on the top toolbar and then click the "Advanced" tab
  • Find the "Domain Names" section and click on "Add a new domain"
  • Follow the included instructions to configure your DNS to point to LightCMS
  • More domain help can be found on our support site

Change your design with any of our design options

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Getting Started

We've got a ton of resources to help you make the most of your new website. Here's are some of the most popular resources you'll want to check out.